The reSkin Media Lab provided a framework for examining and reflecting on the futuristic vision that artefacts worn on the body will increasingly be “smart”, will “think”, and will augment communication.

Singing Bowl by Sean O'Connell - concepted developed at the reSkin Media Lab 2007

Singing Bowl by Sean O'Connell - concepted developed at the reSkin Media Lab 2007

Exploring electronics as a medium, participants looked at the integration of electronics and new materials into traditional craft and design artefacts. Participants experimented with materials that can enable simple expressive computational forms, with an emphasis on textiles. The lab also included basic electronics, electronic textile construction, while introducing new and old materials and processes for embedding conductive components into textile substrates.

A series of lectures presented an overview of works in these areas and provided a theoretical and historical background. Sessions also explored conceptual concerns including complex interaction scenarios, culturally specific and context-specific thematic areas, sustainability and ecology, and culturally appropriate integration of new technologies into traditional craft and design practices, methods, and aesthetic forms.

Workshop sessions covered a wide range of areas such as:
- Basic electronics and building simple circuits on breadboards
- Basic microcontroller programming and working with various sensors and actuators
- Hacking electronic toys for wearables
- Hacking wireless communication devices and wearables
- Incorporating electronics into jewellery and objects
- Rapid prototyping
- Garment design and basic pattern drafting
- Basic textile construction techniques, such as weaving, stitching, embroidery, and knitting
- An overview of Jacquard weaving and software for complex woven structures
- Basic electronic textiles: sewing a prototype of an electronic textile soft switch and exploring other conductive materials.
- Overview of soft electronics their history and construction methods for incorporating conductive threads, inks, and integration techniques.
- Hands-on techniques with LEDs, conductive embroidery and electroluminescent ink printing

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