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February 24th, 2010

Projection art in public spaces is increasing in popularity and commissioned works have been appearing across Australian urban-scapes for several years now. Artists such as Craig Walsh (Qld) and Cicada (Vic) have been leading the charge and exploring diverse and intriguing new ways to enliven public surfaces with sound and light. At the same time groups such as Video Stealth Ninja have been creating spontaneous projection works using their mobile stealth units and the City Lights project in Melbourne has been transforming inner-city alleyways.

It is an active area and one that allows artists and media makers the opportunity to work outside of the confinements of gallery spaces and other venues. Inspired by the success of the recent ANAT and Adelaide City Council Luminosity project, this issue of Filter is dedicated to a discussion of projection art and new media artworks in public spaces. Working in the public sphere offers new and interesting challenges for new media practitioners especially in terms of installing and managing delivery platforms, interactivity in the public arena and utilising a diverse range of surface and material.

ANAT has invited both writers and artists to discuss this area and to probe some of the new forms of new media art that are emerging in the public realm. From projection and sound installation to mobile and locative media works, Australian practitioners are exploring public space as a fertile and imaginative source of creative inspiration. ANAT has supported the investigation and development of this practice through initiatives such as the Blast Theory Masterclass and Luminosity. In 2005, we will be extending these initiatives and developing further national opportunities for practitioners to develop public new media art works.

This is the final issue of Filter for 2004 and we hope that our members have enjoyed the first three issues of our new magazine. Our recent survey has provided an opportunity for you to provide feedback to ANAT on Filter and our other programs. This vital information helps us to plan for the future! On behalf of us all at ANAT I would like to wish all ANAT members a happy holiday season and thank you for your continued membership and support.

Julianne Pierce
Julianne was the Executive Director at ANAT from 2000 to 2005.

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